Apprenticeship FAQ’s

Q1 I hate doing written work. Do I have to do loads of assignments?

A1. No. We tailor the course around you. We do a lot of our work via Dictaphone so you can tell us about your experiences and answer questions

Q2. Do I have to do Functional Skills? I have GCSE’s?

A2. If you have GCSE qualifications or equivalent we can check whether you are exempt from Functional Skills.

Q3. I hated Maths at School. How is this relevant to my qualification now?

A3. The Apprenticeship you are completing aims to look at all the skills you will need to be competent in your role. You will often use maths in your everyday talks and perhaps not realise it. We can help you develop your skills so that you become comfortable with maths and can continue to carry out your functions even if the calculator breaks!

Q4. I am really busy at work, how will I have time to complete the qualification?

A4. We are supported by your employer to be able to give you time to complete the course. Our Assessors are trained to ensure that they maximise learning and assessment opportunities so that maximum progression is made every visit. We visit you every month and look at how you like to work to design delivery around you.

Q5. Am I too old. Are Apprenticeships just for School Leavers?

A5. No Apprenticeships are available to everyone. You are never too old to learn something new or demonstrate your skills and abilities

Q6. What is an Apprenticeship?

A6. An Apprenticeship is made up of key components that must be achieved in order to certify that you are competent in that area. They usually are: QCF units, Knowledge Components, Employment Rights and Responsibilities, Functional Skills and Personal Learning & Thinking Skills.

Q7. What can I progress to after my Apprenticeship

A7. That depends on what you want to do. Our team can suggest further qualifications if applicable or sign post you to the right place to get further information, advice and guidance about your chosen progression path. Your Assessor will talk to you at stages of your programme to ensure you have the correct information and advice needed through out your qualification

Q8. I want to do an Apprenticeship but I am not employed. What can I do?

A8. If you are 16- 23 then please contact us. We work with employers that offer Placed Apprenticeships that pay the min Apprenticeship Wage so that you earn while you learn.

If you are over 23 then contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

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