How do Traineeships Work?

  • Posted 21 March 2017

How do Traineeships work?

Take your first step into employment, with a Total Training Provision Traineeship; we provide backing and training to allow you to fulfil your potential.

At Total Training Provision, we are launching our Traineeship programme!

Together with the help of local employers, we are wanting to give you a real head start by offering them a programme that you can gain valuable work experience, social and employability skills, to help them flourish in the workplace whether that be an apprenticeship or a full-time job.

We believe strongly in making sure that you are workplace ready, and as a training provider, we believe that it is our responsibility to empower you, by giving you skills and knowledge that are not only important in the workplace but in day to day life.

Alongside English and maths, you will be taught about things such as British Values, Equality & Diversity, Health & Safety, and Safeguarding. We should all be made aware of how those four areas affect us all in our day to day lives. We understand that we now live in a culture that is diverse and because of this we need to take the lead in helping young people understanding and embracing peoples’ differences, in respect of recent news reports we believe that online bullying is becoming an increasingly concerning issue. Therefore, we pledge to make all our employees and learners aware of the risks when online.

At Total Training Provision, we believe that our Traineeship programme is the perfect response to the catch-22 situation that many employers and young people find themselves in, in order to be successful in gaining a job candidates usually are required to have a certain level of experience, and equally employers also need to ensure that the candidates they choose will fit into the role within the company.

To be eligible for the Traineeship programme you must:

Be aged 16-24 and have not yet gained a full Level 3 qualification or higher.

Not currently in a job (or work less than 16 hours per week) and don’t have much work experience, but are focused on getting work

Not in full-time education

If you are currently in school or college and want to discuss your progression choice prior to leaving, please get in touch.

Written by

Declan Lindsay & Martin Batchelor

Total Training Provision Ltd

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