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Client Testimonials

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Advocacy in the Workplace

Exit Review – 

“Many thanks for your support and feedback throughout my course. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and felt that it was very well pitched to enable people to make a genuine difference to people experiencing mental distress at work.

When I first signed up to the course I was worried about staff returning to the office after being isolated at home due to coronavirus and wanted to enhance my skills to help them. I was delighted when I got to the last section and found the Wellness Action Plan. This is a real tool I have already planned to implement with my staff, and shared with other managers, to go above and beyond when it comes to preventing mental ill health and taking a proactive stance to empower them to communicate and reduce stigma in the workplace!

Thank you again for building my confidence with such a difficult subject to approach!”

“I would just like to pass on my thanks and to leave a positive review for my course tutor Tony Simpson. I have had a few hurdles along the way with completing the course starting with being unable to log in. I had spoken to a few people on the team and was still unable to log in but when I spoke to Tony although he was busy on the way to Hull he made the time to support me and talk me through the login process, I was given clear step by step instructions by Tony and this allowed me to log on and start to make progress.

Throughout the course, Tony communicated regularly via telephone call and email and provided motivational support. He marked any submitted units promptly and gave very encouraging feedback but also a good explanation of any mistakes I had made, allowing me to improve the quality of my work to a much higher standard. 

I then encountered some more technical issues and missed one of the deadlines for a unit, causing me to lose a lot of motivation and feel like I would not be able to complete the course. I had pretty much given up at this stage and resigned myself to failing the course. Aided by Tony with regular communication and positive encouragement I decided to persevere and managed to complete the course before the deadline. I feel like I would not have been able to do this without the fantastic support from Tony and I could not recommend him highly enough. I believe Tony deserves lots of recognition as he has been an amazing help and was a delight to work with. I cannot thank him enough for his help.

I hope Tony does receive some recognition for this as he is excellent and is an absolute credit to your organisation.”

Joe Slattery

“I most enjoyed the learning and support from my tutor throughout the process. Kev is an asset to your team and a brilliant tutor who gets the most out of his learners.”

Miranda Foulds – Exit review

“Following our telephone conversation this morning I just wanted to say thanks for your patience.

On completion of the course I have been offered a job as an Engagement Worker. Employed by a charity that supports vulnerable people back into training and education. While obliged to complete a Level 3 Information, Advice & Guidance qualification – on the job, learning with Total Training Provision has geared me into the right direction and provided knowledge and skills that are bound to help me in my new position.”

Leah James – Exit Review

“I am Lithuanian and my native tongue is Lithuanian. I did learn some English in school, but my skills and knowledge from then were average I would say. Nine years ago, I came to England and I worked in a bakery for eight years. Around three years ago I became a Union representative and started attending union courses. At first, I felt really alien, but then I met wonderful people, other students, and teachers, who really helped me to start building my confidence up. My personal journey began.

Last year I completed a Level 3 Award in Education and Training, and after that followed a Level 2 Award for Learning Support Practitioners. I started feeling more and more that I belonged somewhere, and I found something I am naturally good at and it makes me happy. My life I lived all those years started making me ill, I needed a change. Change is not easy. I decided to leave work. I started looking for jobs, I am so grateful I had a coach helping and supporting me all along. My friend introduced me to Manor and Castle Development Trust, and I started volunteering there to different skills and hopefully find myself.

As I was applying for jobs I had very little luck. Many different things were standing in my way: lack of experience, no English or Math’s certificates, even though I have qualifications from Lithuania. I knew there was a possibility to convert my grades, but I decided to complete Functional Skills in English and Math’s. I signed up with Total-TP and started my journey. While completing Functional Skills Level 2 in English, I got employed by the organization I was volunteering for. And then the uncertain times of lockdown happened.  I started to struggle to motivate myself because I knew I could not complete English course and move onto another whenever I feel ready to do so. Then suddenly I received a phone call saying that there is one opportunity to do the exam online and I had to take it – there was nothing to lose. I felt really nervous, but I completed it and I passed! The course is so great, and it definitely gave me more confidence in my English. I feel like I overcame the barrier, and it is going to help me in my current job and studies. I start in September, and I hope it will reduce the barriers and will open more opportunities in the future.”

Monika Katarzyte

Level 3 Care Apprenticeship


‘I have enjoyed the Level 3 Care Apprenticeship and I am so happy it’s completed now. There were times I thought I wasn’t going to get through it but Natalia my NVQ assessor was great. She believed in me so much and told me you have got this. This put my confidence up and gave me the courage to go on and do my level 4. I couldn’t have done this without her, I’m so thankful and over the moon with the outcome. I can’t thank you enough!’


– Joanne Badjie

“Natalia has been a great help during my qualification, if ever I needed help or advice she always responded promptly and explained anything I was unsure of and was always available, during our regular meetings she always gave clear concise feedback and advise and I was always clear on what I need to do to meet deadlines and what modules to do and where I was on my journey to complete my qualification. Even when obviously covid:19 meant that the face to face meetings had to stop I still felt supported by Nat through regular phone contact and emails and as mentioned before she was always available should I need to contact her. Overall, I was very happy with the support I received from Total and Natalia and would have no reservations about having her support me again in the future. Due to the positive experience I have had for my qualification, and the knowledge it has given me, I am even now progressing complete my level 5.”

~ Reece Thompson

Level 2  Mental Health Awareness Course

“I have just completed my course on Mental Health Awareness and my tutor was Tony. I would just like to say how grateful I was that Tony extended the date for me to complete all my units. I had to tell him that during my course, I found out that my daughter’s mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

      The support that he showed me, not just for my course, but also for my wellbeing, was greatly appreciated. I feel that it has helped me to be able to cope with the obstacles ahead. If we had more people with Tony’s compassion and dedication, the world would be a better place. He has made me believe that there is still good in the world, despite what is happening at the minute.

          I have never had the pleasure of meeting him face to face, but when I do, I will shake his hand and say thank you, and that I regard him as a friend, not just my tutor.”



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