With the plethora of courses, we have to offer, it may feel hard to know where to start your learning journey.

Perhaps you’re a parent who is eager to get back into education but are nervous about time commitments. Maybe you spend Monday mornings fantasising about that dream job, asking yourself ”how can I reach that goal?”.

If that sounds like you, we can help. In a series of featured articles we are going to break down the courses we provide and how they can help you reach your goals.


So who is this course for?

This course is an essential preventative measure for businesses and individuals who want to improve security on their online platforms and reduce the likelihood of hacking and email scams.


What are the benefits of the course?

This course helps by providing the knowledge of how to prevent falling victim to cybercrime. This is done through teaching learners about the latest scams and how to spot the features of things like ‘Phishing emails’.


It also provides the learners with the knowledge on how to act if you have fallen victim to scams, so you can mediate the effects of this. This understanding will allow learners to act efficiently, quickly and calmly if the situation does arise.


So what is your commitment?

Our Cyber Security course is being featured in our impact courses. This means that it allows the same great content to be delivered rapidly. In terms of this, course delivery will take 3 hours. This means that you can gain all the information necessary and obtain the qualification within a day.


How is it delivered?

The Cyber Security course delivery varies dependent on your preference. We have in classroom sessions set up throughout the days and evenings, as well as remote delivery available for those further away geographically. We have done this so it is accessible to all.


What does it cost?

All of courses are fully funded, as we draw the funding down from the government. This means this course, as well as all our others are at no cost to you (eligibility criteria applies).


Is this a real qualification?

Yes! All of our courses, including the cybercrime course are accredited and nationally recognised. This makes our qualifications perfect for upskilling and a great addition to your CV. The Cyber Security course in particular is accredited by Gateway Qualifications.


How does this help you?

There are many scenarios in which this course proves useful. You may be aspiring towards a career in IT and would like to begin your journey here with cyber security. You could be working within an office which increasingly relies upon digital platforms and perhaps you would like to refresh your knowledge about how to maintain a secure online platform. You may be a concerned parent whose children have a great deal of exposure to the internet within our society.


If this sounds like something you or your organisation would be interested in, please get in contact today while the funding is available. You can contact us on 0800 038 5666 or email info@total-tp.com.

-Author Martha Sennitt

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