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Fully Funded Online Courses

Our short courses are delivered online and are fully funded by the government, this means all training is at absolutely no cost to you. 

How it Works

All our courses are funded through something called the Adult Education Budget. This is a pot of money put aside specifically for those looking to upskill within their current role, looking to try a new career path or even looking refresh their existing skills. To be eligible for this funding please see the eligibility criteria below:

Step 1 - Eligibility

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You need to be 19+ as of August 31st 

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You need be a UK / EU citizen for the last 3 years

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You can not be enrolled on any other Fully Funded course

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Whether your unemployed or employed – this does not effect the funding

Step 2 - Eligibility

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If you don't currently hold a Level 3 or higher you are eligible for funding

Step 2

If you have already achieved a Level 3 or higher before the 1st April 2021 move on to eligibility step 3

Step 2

If you have already achieved a Level 3 or higher after the 1st April 2021, you are not eligible for funding

Step 3 - Eligibility

Step 3

You need to be earning under £20,888 to be eligible for funding


Step 3

You need to be unemployed and claiming benefits such as Universal Credit

Your Learner Journey

Everyones learning journey will look different but the standard steps you need to take to complete you can see below. Any further information or queries please get in touch.

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Step 1

Choose a course that's right the course that's right for you.

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Step 2

Enrol today on our online application form. Be sure to have a form of ID and proof of address on hand

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Step 3

Get started on your course as soon as you've enrolled. Complete all your units within the set time frame

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Step 4

You will receive your nationally recognised certificate 6 - 8 weeks after completion of the course.

Get started Now

You can enrol by hitting the button below or get in touch with us by sending us your enquiry.