What to expect this National
Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week 2024 will be a dynamic celebration featuring hands-on workshops, skill-building sessions, and networking events. The week aims to showcase the impact of apprenticeships on career development through success stories and create meaningful connections between apprentices and professionals. The activities are designed to inspire and educate, emphasising the vital role apprenticeships play in shaping a skilled and adaptable workforce for the future.

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Insight Sessions 

Explore our diverse range of Apprenticeship programs to gain a deeper understanding of how they can positively impact your personal growth or contribute to the success of your business.

These sessions not only provide a sneak peek into the programme content but also offer personalised support, drawing from their extensive industry expertise.

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#NAW 5th – 11th

We will be sharing more information throughout the upcoming days to National Apprenticeships week