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National Apprenticeship Week – What Is It & Is It For Me?

We are fast approaching the 15th annual week-long celebration that takes place across England – National Apprenticeship Week. This year it will commence on the 7th of February, packed with virtual sessions and activities to inspire individuals of all ages to reach their career goals through an Apprenticeship. All these events can be found on the National Apprenticeship Week website, however, keep a close eye on our social media as all Total Training Provision events will be posted there also.

Never Heard of NAW before?

If you are feeling a little lost, like the options are plentiful but you don’t know where to start, unsure of what you would like to do next? National Apprenticeship week is the perfect opportunity for you!

You will not only receive a whole host of options for potential careers, but you will also get an insight into why that role may be for you, as well as a snapshot of the employers themselves and what it would be like to work for them. We understand that the next steps can often be overwhelming, but with NAW your following career choice can feel clear, as if it were made just for you.


So, would an Apprenticeship be for you?

Apprenticeships are a great way of building the necessary skills for a particular line of work, as well as the knowledge on how to practice them. You gain invaluable hands-on experience, as well as earning a wage the whole time. When people hear the word ‘Apprenticeship’, many will think of work within the construction sector. However, the range of Apprenticeships offered is vast, from Business Administration to Support work. By choosing an Apprenticeship you can immediately enter working life, making industry contacts as you study.

If you would like more information from Employers, Training Providers and the Apprenticeship community as a whole, take a look at National Apprenticeship Week.

We are holding our very own Total Talks covering the benefits of Apprenticeships for both Employers and Apprentices (links below.)

Employer Information Session – 4pm – Tue 8th February

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