Malpractice & Appeals Policy

This document is intended to define malpractice and appeals in the context of assessment and certification for any qualifications delivered by Total Training Provision. Total Training Provision deem any element of malpractice to be a serious issue which must be tackled effectively to ensure the quality systems and practices remain robust. Total Training Provision will ensure all learners are provided with the right to appeal any assessment decisions.

This policy will provide a framework for learners and Employees to outline the principles that Total Training Provision has in place in relation to malpractice and appeals, in particular:

• Learners and Employees will have a robust policy and procedure in place to tackle malpractice.
• Provide an understanding of types of malpractice.
• Provide assurance that all suspected malpractice or learners appeals will be dealt with seriously and in a strict timescale to ensure the learner’s best interests are met.

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