If you ask anyone in Yorkshire, they will tell you that every day should be Yorkshire day. Unfortunately, it has been narrowed to one day a year – the 1st of August.



It was established in 1975 and the proud Yorkshire folk welcomed this with open arms. It was decided at a meeting of local authorities at County Hall, Wakefield. The mayors and dignitaries of the region also embraced the occasion and agreed to attend in ‘full costume and regalia’.

That good old Yorkshire pride has meant that the significance of this celebration has only grown year upon year. There are many celebrations that happen across the region from live music and dancing at the Whitby bandstand, to an animatronic dinosaur show in Leeds.

This year the celebrations are being held in Keighley, a charming town nestled between the countryside of Airedale and the Haworth Moorland. This is the first time since covid that the Yorkshire day is able to be celebrated with the full pomp and circumstance it deserves.

Take a look at what the current town mayor of Keighley had to say about having the honour of hosting the flagship events to celebrate:



“We are honoured that Keighley has been selected to host the 2022 Yorkshire Day civic celebration event.  Here in Keighley we celebrate all that is Yorkshire annually and to host the day on behalf of the county is amazing! Keighley is a truly diverse community with lots to offer and we look forward to showcasing the town and it’s wonderful community at its absolute best.”

 Councillor Julie Adams

Current Town Mayor of Keighley.



 As the heart of Total Training Provision is based in South Yorkshire, we started to think about how we can celebrate this amazing day! As quite a few team members are from Barnsley or surrounding Yorkshire areas, Yorkshire dialect is used in abundance within the Barnsley offices. This often results in many debates over the pronunciation of many everyday items and words (as we are sure you’re aware of if you’re also from Yorkshire).

We decided to turn a handful of these phrases into a crossword, see if you can spot all 11 Yorkshire phrases or words below. There is also a little nod to the company’s founder, whose last name can also be used a Yorkshire word!



Author – Martha Sennitt

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