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Investing in apprenticeships can be valuable for both your businesses and employees.

Investing in apprenticeships is more straightforward than you might think. If you’re a smaller employer, government funding is available to cover between 95% and 100% of apprentice training costs. Large employers can utilise their levy funds to finance apprenticeship training.

Apprenticeships are versatile and suitable for individuals of any age or skill level. You have the flexibility to bring in new talent or enhance the skills of existing employees. This approach allows you to nurture a motivated, proficient, and certified workforce.

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Level 2 Early Years Practitioner

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What are the benefits?

Our apprenticeships are carefully designed to cover all essential skills, knowledge, and behaviours, all while shaping employees to align seamlessly with your specific business requirements.

You company will benefit from industry experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping your business succeed.

Here at total training provision we believe that a workforce that feels valued, is also a more productive and motivated workforce. By investing in them, through apprenticeships, they will in turn support your business growth.

According to the official apprenticeship website, ” 92% of companies that have taken on apprentices believe this leads to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.”

Apprenticeships play a pivotal role in bolstering staff retention for employers. By supporting employees’ growth through apprenticeship programme, companies not only improve skills but also build loyalty. Apprenticeships offer clear career paths within the company, boost morale, and cut turnover, securing a stable, skilled workforce for the future.

Apprentices bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the workplace, which can help companies innovate and stay competitive.

Apprenticeships can be part of a broader succession planning strategy, ensuring a steady supply of skilled workers to fill future leadership roles and future proof your business. 


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