ACL Learner (Short Course)

Level 2 Awareness Of Mental Health Problems

“I have just completed my second course with Total Training Provision. I am delighted that I have gained more training and qualifications towards my job search and change of career due to my health condition. Tony has been my course Skills Coach for both courses. He has been excellent and thorough with the feedback for each unit completed. He has been very helpful with any questions I was unsure of, and he has been very understanding and patient with my health issues. Tony is also friendly, approachable and professional, so I felt I can ask if I did not understand. Thank you, Tony for making my training enjoyable and for encouraging me at times when I wanted to give up.Thank you, Total Training Provision for giving me this opportunity to better myself and improve my chances of employment during these uncertain times.”

Apprenticeship Learner

Level 3 Team Leader or Supervisor

“ I really enjoy our sessions, it’s really helpful to discuss areas that I am currently working on. It also helps me to recognise that although I am working on one particular area, what i am producing actually covers more than one skill or Knowledge. I will be discussing with my line manager about support with finance and strategic planning, hopefully there will be areas within the operation that I’ll be able to support and gain more insight. We also discussed the potential to have additional support for Maths, which I’m excited for as I really do struggle and having that support will make a difference.”

ACL Learner (Short Course)

Level 2 Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

“I am just writing this email to give feedback about the recent course I have done with Total Training Provision. The two people that did the course with me were absolutely fantastic! They made sure that we understood the work and made sure that we had a support system when completing the work. I in particular was going through a difficult week and had a lot on and they both understood and took the time to make sure that I was okay and that I wasn’t under loads of pressure to complete the work. I loved working with both of these people and I would love to do another course with this training company. I have learnt a million and one things about caring for people that I never knew and I now know that this is the career that I want go down! I like the calls in the morning and also the type of calls in the afternoon to make sure that we had done some work and also make sure if we needed any help with any questions at all. The Skills Coaches both made it so that we could call them at any point and also check in with them through text and WhatsApp. I’ve never had such dedicated staff to help me complete work and also to their support me in my difficult time as well. Thanks you very much!”

Apprenticeship Learner

Level 3 Business Administration

“Since starting the apprenticeship I have developed my teams working skills and organise my work accordingly so that I get everything done within a certain time frame. I have also developed my IT skills as I never used to write emails before getting this apprenticeship, but I have now improved my email etiquette and feel that I can be professional when liaising with stakeholders via this method of communication. This apprenticeship will benefit me in the long term as it will give me a qualification for my CV and has given me knowledge and skills that I can take to any job. Overall, it has made me a more confident person in terms of the working life.”

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