Leavers Day 2022

5 August 2022
4 min read

Whether you are completing GCSE’s or A-levels, results day is approaching, and the question of ‘what next?’ may be on your mind.

In this time, it is easy to begin to compare yourself to your peers. Are they going to university? Perhaps they’re predicted higher grades than yours? Maybe they have a clear plan and you’re still unsure?

The important thing to remember within this time is you must make the best decision for you.

Everyone has a different learning style. Your friends may benefit from textbooks and tests, whereas you may be a kinaesthetic learner and benefit from more hands-on learning methods. This diversity is something to be celebrated.

Leaving high school is a time for self-discovery. You create new friendships, develop new interests, and have different experiences. As you learn more about who you are as an adult, you also begin to think about what you would like to achieve. Thoughts may turn to your career options and how you can further your professional development.

There is always an awful lot of pressure surrounding these decisions, perhaps from your peers or even your family, but there is no one right pathway – it is a personal decision.

”So, what are your options?”

Apprenticeships –

Many people are familiar with the idea of an apprenticeship – the gaining of skills, knowledge, and behaviours, while working and receiving a wage. What people may not know is how much apprenticeships have developed since first being established.

A common misconception is that all apprenticeships are labour intensive and in sectors such as construction. However, apprenticeships have diversified substantially and span many sectors, with close to 800 apprenticeship standards across the UK.

The Government website is a great place to start when exploring the idea of an apprenticeship, it is informative and displays current vacancies across the UK. Indeed is another good place to browse opportunities. If you are a little further forward on in the process and know what apprenticeship you would like to complete, look to your local training providers like us! Our current vacancies are live, and we can facilitate an apprenticeship for you.

Traineeships –

Traineeships are the perfect steppingstone from high school-leaver to an apprenticeship ready individual. The apprenticeship process does involve applications and interviews as it is a paid position. Through a traineeship you can be prepped for that process and stand out from other applicants.

Dependent on the traineeship you choose, you can receive not only the skills needed for your chosen career path, but also support in improving English and maths skills, working towards more formal qualifications.

Traineeships also allow an individual to acclimatise to the working environment and is a fantastic way to trial an area you may not be 100% sure about, while still gaining work behaviours which are invaluable.  Again, a great website to find traineeships which are local to your area is the Government website.

Internships –

Internships share an awful lot of similarities with a traineeship, however, they are also a are good way to get a foot in to a certain company as opposed to sector. Internships also offer learning experiences through working – providing valuable knowledge about an individual’s field of study or career interest.

While not all internships pay a wage, you can find some positions that do. In order to explore internships as an opportunity take a look at the following site.

Here at Total Training Provision, we understand that this moment feels critical – years of hard work has brought you to a time where one chapter ends. However, it is important to remember that this moment is not final, and another chapter is just beginning.

If you would like more information, why not attend our ‘Next Steps’ webinar. It will be held via teams on the 31st of August at 5pm. This webinar is perfect for those who want additional information after having received their results or for parents looking to support young peoples with their decision. Click here to reserve your free place.


Author – Martha Sennitt